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The medium I focus on in my practice is sculpture. I am interested in substance, space, and the connection between sculpture, and other mediums, mainly photography. “What is photography made of” is a question that intrigues me, and I use it as a starting point to research the connection between photography and sculpture. 


In my work, I try to rephrase a capability to use materials, which are the substance of photography, for example, using the actual printing paper as a media. In addition, I use three-dimensional materials to cast and embed images, or the negative space within objects I use in practice. I think of negative and positive spaces as an inseparable part of photography.

The choice of material and themes come from a common knowledge, and I am interested in a global, cultural, historical vast archive of visual, we all know in one way or another. My work conveys a double discourse, in regards to that archive. On one hand, it refers to the concepts of memory and multi-cultures, and about time and geographic space. On the other, it is playful, toying with the dialectic perception of the spectator, and scale.

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