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Burning Bush / Shiran Yitzhari, Hayah Sheps-Avtalion, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2018

Curator: Tziki Eisenberg

While in exile in Egypt, Moses encounters The Burning Bush, the divine revelation
embodiment. A burning bush; made from light and fire.
Photography can also be seen as a revelation: the light ignites the chemicals, electrical
and digital components, which through the dark creates an image. It's not a coincidence
that the act of photography is called 'exposure’.
The burning bush experience isn’t only about the revelation, but also a discovery of a
place, or a potential of a place. The burning bush is the place where the yearning for a
home is discovered.
The two artists in the Burning Bush exhibition are exploring the role of contemporary
photography with regard to space and place, by either abstracting or modeling.
Sheps-Avtalion’s photographs turn into an intangible painting, while Yitzhari’s
photographs transform into sculptures.
The works of Hayah Sheps-Avtalion and Shiran Yitzhari are turning aside from the
conventional ways we connect photography to site, and wish to explore the ways a place
becomes a representation, the ways that light morphs into an object, and a fold in the
ground to a home.

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