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Names1 and Stones to Even Comes Death, Yitzhari Shiran by installation light The structure architectural an of outline the follows,   family his where and, century 20th the of beginning the in Khoury Salim by built, Hafia in house Khoury the: exists longer no that  War Israeli–Arab 1948 the during damaged was building The. Railways Palestine the to rented then and sold was it until, lived 

 im’Hanevi as today known, instead erected was building new a and, demolished was it eventually until fire by afterwards and  of another onto projected is, building the of photographs old using created Yitzhari that, house Khoury of silhouette The. Tower  The. building the of windows curved the of reminiscent, elements concaved with decorated plaster of made wall a, Site, work her  The. Tower im’Nevi the of that, silhouette larger a of projection another by surrounded is, there longer no is which, building old  it and unoccupied floors its of most, empty almost today stands, tower office luxurious, modern a as 80s ’the during built, tower .city the through constructed buildings newer of favour in abandoned slowly been has 

 the of light in it decipher and mechanism photographic the examine to seeks Yitzhari, walls the on projection the Through  the of windows the resemble which, wall plaster the in shapes arched the of creation the, First: levels several in aspect sculptural  the produce to order in poured be can materials which to, mould A - negative sculptural of kind a constitutes, house Khoury old  ,photographs the produce to order in: similarly works photography analogue in negative the of concept The. sculpture volumetric  of process The. reality to opposite are that colours in obtained is image the which on, used be must - itself film the - negative the  material the casting as just, life to colours original the back brings paper photographic the on it projecting and film the developing .world the in place real a occupies that object an as sculpture’ original ‘the produce to intended is mould the into 

 are buildings two the since, here camera real a for need no has she: metaphorical almost is Yitzhari of action photographic The  .form their with familiar become to order in documentation additional for need no is there and, recognized and documented  her in process and time of layers several captures Yitzhari, time in moment particular one freezing is photography while, Moreover  ;other the after one, sequence linear a in occur that time in moments different two to point projections combined two the: work  the and history of existence simultaneous a as projections the seeing of possibility the offers also screening the, this Aalongside  certain a preserves Yitzhari of work the, way this In. moment given any at intertwined appear images projected the since, present .existence current its reveals also it but, memory collective 

1 :Ausonius Magnus Decimus from Quoted”. names and stones to even comes Death” – “venit nominibusque saxis etiam Mors“ 

1 Cuiusdam Nomine De: 31 Epitaphia: Ausonius Magnus Decimus from Quoted”. names and stones to even comes Death” – “venit nominibusque saxis etiam Mors“ .159. p, 1. vol, 1921-1919 London. Marmore in Sculpto Lucii Cuiusdam Nomine De: 31 Epitaphia 

.159. p, 1. vol, 1921-1919 London. Marmore in Sculpto Lucii 

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